HealthSun - Enrollment Methods

It is imperative the all enrollment applications be submitted in a timely fashion.  An enrollment must be received by a carrier within 2 days of the signature date.

HealthSun utilzes paper applications

  Paper Enrollments

Fax applications along with the scope of appointment to the following EFax line:

  • EFax Line - 786-363-8115

Email applications along with the scope of appointment to the following email address 

Drop off paper applications along with the scope of appointment to the following address: 

  • 3390 Mary Street - Suite 330
  • Miami, FL 33133
  1. Check to make sure application is filled in properly in legible print and in black ink
  2. Make sure the correct plan is selcted and PCP is indicated
  3. Make sure the correct plan selected on Page 1 matches the plan selected on Page 4 (it will be processed using the plan information on Page 4)
  4. Include any additional forms (conset, wroked surecy, recipts, etc.)

 Enrollment Forms

2018 HealthSun - Enrollment Application - English

2018 HealthSun - Enrollment Application - Spanish

2018 HealthSun - SOA - English

2018 HealthSun - SOA - Spanish



LIS/Medicaid verifications can be made by calling 786-388-6220


Application Processing

 To check on application processing you can contact:

SEP for 5 Star Plan - Application Completion

 Because HealthSun is a 5 Star plan, an SEP may be used throughout the year to enroll into this plan.  Please use the code "R" next to SEP type.  See example below:

HealthSun - 5 Star Enrollment SEP.png