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This Errors & Omissions Insurance Plan is designed exclusively for agents working with Plan Advisors:

  • Low annual premium (as low as $420)
  • Affordabe monthly premiums (as low as $35)
  • Underwritten by an A+ carrier
  • Plan covers - Life & Health, Disability, LTC, Medicare & Annuities
  • Your own policy - not shared with anyoneEO.jpg

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Errors & Omission - Plan Advisors


Helpful Tips for Enrolling

  • Have your credit card information available
  • You will be asked for you "Writing Number" - Use your National Producer Number (NPN) 
  • A "dba" can be added to the certificate for signle producers in a sole proprietorship - this will be added after the application
  • For Agencies not operated by a single, please:
 Questions can be directed to 360CoveragePros at 877-524-0265