Contracting - Humana/CarePlus

Interested in contracting with Humana?  Please use instructions below to contract for the following products:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Individual Health Insurance

If you are already contracted but would like to re-align under Plan Advisors/BishopMarketing - please read Release Policy at bottom of  the page


We are glad you are contracting with us!

Thank you for your interest in marketing Humana’s Medicare and Indivdual Health Plans through Bishop Marketing/Plan Advisors!  Humana uses an online contracting system and we will need some information to get the process started.   If you have never contracted with Humana before, please complete the attached spreadsheet and return to –

                                          Humana Onboarding Spreadsheet

After you return the spreadsheet, you will receive an email with a link to begin contracting. Please note that if you are contracting for yourself and your agency, there will be separate links for your application and your agency’s application.  However, you must complete both applications before they can be processed. You will have 30 days for a full contract and 10 days for an amendment to complete the invitation before it expires and it is no longer accessible.  You will receive a reminder prior to the invitation expiring.

The contracting process should take approximately 20-30 minutes. The attached Job Aid link may be helpful to you in navigating the online onboarding process.

                                        Humana Onboarding Job Aid

One of the key items that often trips agents up is forgetting to electronically sign the forms. You will be prompted to scroll to the bottom of each required form to “click and sign”. When complete, make sure you double check the "sign" icons, confirming acceptance of each document.  They are along the left side of the “Forms” confirmation page.  You will also receive an email confirmation upon successful submission of the contract.                         

Once you submit to Humana, allow 5-7 business days for processing.  At that point you’ll be issued a 7 digit SAN (producer number) which can be used to register for Humana’s agent portal and begin your certification training for PDP and/or MAPD.  We have some tutorials for those steps as well, but we must first get you appointed. Please let us know upon completion and we’ll assist with next steps. If you have any technical issues, contact Agent Support at 800-309-3163.

Release Policy & Getting Aligned with Bishop Marketing/PlanAdvisors

Already appointed with Humana for Medicare plans and want to join our team?  Complete the Delegated Agent Alignment Form (DAAF) and return to us via email ( or fax (502-470-5746) DAAF Form

  • You will be aligned immediately with a release letter from your current FMO.  The release letter needs to be on the uplines letterhead and signed by the principle.
  • If you can obtain a release letter complete the DAAF and you  will be aligned in 90 days from the form completion date if it is submitted 1/2 through 7/10
  • If DAAF is submitted between 7/11 - 9/30 - realignment will be effective Jan 1st.
  • If DAAF is submitted between 10/1 and 1/1 - realignment will be effective April 1st  DAAF Form

Getting Re-contracted with Humana 

 Were you appointed with Humana previously and want to re-contract?  First step is to complete and return via email ( or fax (502-470-5746) the Agent Re-contracting Form:  Agent Re-contracting Form

New Licenses or License Renewal(s)
Do you need to update your resident and/or non resident licenses with Humana? Complete this form and email to with a scanned copy of each license listed.  Agent License and Appointment Form