Centene/Allwell Enrollment Methods

 It is imperative the all enrollment applications be submitted in a timely fashion.  An enrollment must be received by a carrier within 24 hours of of the signature date. 

Paper Application Process

  • Be sure to complete application legibly and completely
  • Double check that all required information is included
  • Make sure you use your legible NPN on every application you submit
  • Use the Allwell Application Fax Cover Sheet - each application should be faxed separately with this cover sheet
  • Each application submission should include an Allwell SOA Form
  • FAX it to  844-222-3180
  • IMPORTANT:  Applications must be submitted within 48 hours of the signature date

You will receive an email confirmation receipt after a faxed application so you know it was received.  Allow 24 hours from submission to receive email receipt.

Ascend Electronic Application (coming soon)