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Protect your clients with ProducerMAX CRM

Posted by Lance Hoeltke on Wed, Oct 23, 2019 @ 04:17 PM

By the time you finish reading this article, it's estimated that around 4 cyber attacks will have taken place - that's 1 attack every 39 seconds. Is your business and your clients' sensitive information at risk of being next?

October is National Cybersecurity Awarenss month, raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity education and responsible action.


The healthcare insurance industry is among the top industries targeted by malicious cyber activity due to the sheer amount of valuable personal data exchanged, which can be used to commit insurance fraud. 

As your trusted resources for all things related to the prosperity of your Medicare business, we want to equip you to better protect your clients' sensitive information and your business. Read on as we debunk common cybersecurity myths and give you a tool for more data security.

Debunking Cybersecurity Myths in the Insurance Industry

Myth #1: My business isn't at risk, it's just small potatoes. Hackers only go after large corporations.

Cyber-attacks on major health insurance corporations have rocked headlines and impacted millions of people in recent years. Yet, 65% of cyber-attacks are actually aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Often, these businesses don't have the resources or protocols to protect themselves from malware, ransomeware, and phishing. In the insurance industry, this means that many agencies and agents are an at-risk target for the next cyber-attack.

Myth #2: I'm protected! I have antivirus software on my computer and a firewall on my server.

While every office should be equipped with IT security measures, the risks of cyber threats don't stop when you walk out the door. In today's digital age, agents take their work on-the-go. Smartphones and tablets have become central to the work you do from coffee shops to the homes of clients, and everywhere in between.

What people don't realize is that the apps on your smart device introduce a whole new world of risk to your business. Recently, Camscanner, an app many agents use to create pdfs, was found to have malware which compromised the documents captured through the app. Further troubling, many apps such as Camscanner and others commonly used by agents are not HIPPA and NAIC compliant.

A Tool for Protecting Your Business from Cybersecurity Threats

ProducerMAX CRM is the perfect tool to help you protect yourself and your clients from cybersecurity threats. Whether you're accessing the portal on your desktop or using the mobile app, you can guarantee that your clients' information is secure. 

The ProducerMAX app gives agents and agencies a leg-up in the industry by unifying your book of business from each of your carriers and enabling you to track, audit, and forecast commissions all in one place. And, you can trust that this all happens securely. ProducerMAX's security features include:

  • Advanced encryption to protect against cyberattacks on your mobile and computer devices
  • Local storage that works without an internet connection, so your data always remains on your device and never leaves it until you choose to sync it to a mobile or cloud account
  • HIPAA and NAIC compliance and certified by Intermountain Healthcare, one of the leading multi-state carriers

Gain peace of mind that your business is protected by using the ProducerMAX app - on the go and in the office. 

Plan Advisors agents can even get a 1-month free trial of the ProducerMAX app. To start conducting safer, more secure business, simply click below: