BCBS - Enrollment Methods

It is imperative the all enrollment applications be submitted in a timely fashion.  An enrollment must be received by a carrier within 3 days of the signature date.

BCBS offers electronic enrollment in addition to paper applications.  Electroonic enrollment using your PC or tablet is the safest and most efficient method to get the beneficiary enrolled correctly and to get you commissioned correctly.

Electronic Enrollment Methods

Use the BCBS Plan "Select & Enroll" tool to enroll the member online yourself or use the "Express Link" tool to let the member enroll themselves online using a link you send them:

Select & EnrollBCBS - Select & Enroll.png

 Express Link BCBS - Express.png

 Paper Enrollments

 Paper applications should be faxed withing 24 hours of the signature date. Applications should be faxed to : 855-895-4747

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