About Plan Advisors

At Plan Advisors, our desire is to help agents and agencies optimize their Medicare health plan distribution.
We serve agents by fulfilling any need and answering any question they might have. 

How We Serve Agents: 

  • We cover licensing,  appointments, AHIP, Certification, E&O, and assistance with onboarding processes for Medicare, Life, and Ancillary carriers large and small
  • We're an immediate resourcefor questions, supplies, audits, information, technology, documents, and member service needs
  • We provide marketing funds for lead generation, events, retail and physician marketing, employer referrals, printing and promotions, CRM, ads, signs, videos, websites, business cards, and more

How We Serve Agencies: 

  • We override contracts and marketing assistance for your recruitment and support of agent team
  • Back office support for all administrative, IT, and service related needs
  • Strategic planning and growth strategies
  • Carrier, product, and geo-expansion 

Our Story: 

In 1990, Larry Bishop began Bishop Marketing Agency.
After spending several years as an educator and gaining his masters in educational administration, Bishop turned his attention to the insurance business and the rest was history.
A short 14 years later, in 2004, Bishop met Lance Hoeltke. Hoeltke had been in the insurance business since 1999 and had been working directly for Humana. A strategic relationship was formed.
Around the same time (2005), Carlos Rivera also joined Humana, eventually becoming the Director of the Miami Dade market.
As the years went on, Hoeltke moved to Louisville and later became a part of Bishop’s succession plan, running the agency as early as 2012.
Rivera launched Plan Advisors in 2014 and in 2015, Hoeltke officially purchased Bishop Marketing.
In 2016, Rivera and Hoeltke form a strategic alliance, merging Bishop Marketing and Plan Advisors into one.
Their mission?
To help agents and agencies optimize their Medicare health plan distribution and to have the answer to any need an agency or agent might have.