Certification - WellCare Medicare


Certification for 2020 Aetna/Coventry Medicare product will

be available July 9, 2019.


REMEMBER - all agents must be licensed, appointed and certified to represent products and collect new or renewal commisions. Certification must be complete by December 31st.

The 2019 WellCare certification training requirement consists of two parts:

  •  AHIP Certification via AHIP Medicare Training website
  •  WellCare University Annual Certification Training (ACT) 

Part 1: Complete and Submit AHIP Certification to WellCare

 Visit the AHIP/WellCare website at: http://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com/clients/wellcare/1099 to receive

WellCare’s $50 discount.

 New producers with WellCare will need to follow the steps below to transfer completed  AHIP to WellCare University: 

  1. Log in to AHIP via the co-branded link: http://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com/clients/wellcare/1099.
  2. Access your AHIP profile.
  3. Once in your profile, add either your National Producer Number (NPN) or WellCare University (LMS) ID to provide recognition for a successful transfer to WellCare University.

 After you have successfully completed the AHIP training, a “Completion Transmission” page will display and confirm completion of the course and automatic submission to WellCare University.

 Upon successful completion of all training, your ‘training complete’ status will be sent to WellCare’s Producer Certifications team.

Part 2: Complete WellCare University Training

 Agents will receive an enrollment email with an invitation to login to WellCare university to complete this training.

 WellCare University Training will:

  • Focus on key topics that set you up for success in marketing WellCare and supporting your members
  • Focus on state specific product training on ONLY the states you market in
  • include a 30 question mastery exam
  • Use the link below for WellCare University

WellCare University



Producer Assistance with certification - call