WellCare - Enrollment Methods

It is imperative the all enrollment applications be submitted in a timely fashion.  An enrollment must be received by a carrier within 3 days of the signature date.

WellCare utilzes paper applications.  WellCare also offers online enrollment for beneficiarieswith you getting credit if the enrollee uses the produer's URL. 


 Paper Enrollments

 Paper applications should be faxed along with the scope of appointment to the following Fax lines: 

  • MAPD applications - 866-473-9124
  • PDP applications - 866-388-1521
  1. Check to make sure application is filled in properly and is legible
  2. Make sure the plan selected on Page 1 matches the plan selected on Page 4 (it will be processed using the plan information on Page 4)
  3. Do not make any changes to the enrollment until the application has processed - usually 5-7 days
  4. Application status can be checked on the WellCare portal using the enrollment search tool

WellCare - 2017 Applications

WellCare Scope Of Appointment 


Online Enrollment using PURL

 Beneficiaries can self-enroll online within your bookof business!  Each agent/producer is provided a producer URL (PURL) at the time of certifcation.  The agent can use their PURL on business cards, flyers and approved marketing.

Beneficiaries can enroll at the following websites and they will be asked to input your ID:

CCP Plans: www.wellcarerep.com/yourproducerid

PDP Plans: www.wellcarepdprep.com/yourproducerid


 If you do not know your Producer ID, contact Broker Services at:       866-822-1339