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 Humana Certification & Recertification


Recertification for 2018 Humana/Careplus Medicare products will

be available July 17th, 2018


REMEMBER - all agents must be certified to represent products and to collect new or renewal commisions.

Here is the essential information to get you started:

  • Before beginning recertification or first time certification with Humana, you must be certified for general Medicare through AHIP.   Recertification for current agents must be completed by 11/30 for commission payments to continue. 
IMPORTANT: The 2019 certification also covers you to represent 2018 plans the remainder of 2018   

You can take the AHIP courses utilizing the Humana website.  If your AHIP has been completed (GOOD JOB!!)  Use the links below for information on AHIP and transferring scores to Humana

 Click HERE for our AHIP Guide
for our Transferring AHIP Scores Job Aid

 The training has been designed to strengthen an agent’s knowledge and to better equip them to:  

    • help potential members to understand the basics of the Medicare program plans and benefits
    • help potential members learn about the different types of Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans, eligibility, and how to get covered services
    • comply with marketing and enrollment requirements under the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs
The AHIP training and testing can be accessed through the Humana Vantage Agent Portal.  There are 5 Medicare AHIP modules.  You will be tested on all 5 modules. You will have 3 attempts to pass the AHIP test with a minimum passing score of 90%.
Upon successful completion of the final AHIP Medicare exam, the Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) course will “unlock” and become accessible or agents can attest that they completed FWA training on the Medicare Learning Network. There is a ten question exam for FWA and 90% is the minimum passing score. Once the FWA is successfully completed, the CMS General Compliance course will “unlock” and be accessible.  There is a ten question exam and 70% is the minimum passing score.
Successful completion of the AHIP, FWA and CMS General Compliance training and testing are required before a passing score can be transmitted to the Humana Certification course.

IMPORTANTAfter printing your AHIP transcript certificate, don’t forget to click the “send my exam completion to Humana” button at the bottom of the transcript page.  If you have taken the AHIP testing through another carrier’s site, access the AHIP site again through the Humana Certification course and send the acceptable exam to Humana. 

 AHIP Discounts and Reimbursement

  • You can take your AHIP certification through the Humana site and receive a $50 discount.  You will pay $125 vs. $175.  In addition, Humana will reimburse your entire AHIP fee!  You just need to have 10 MA or 40 PDP January 1 effective enrollments.  Reimbursement checks are usually sent in May.

Accessing Humana Product Certification

Now that AHIP is completed you can access Humana product certification through the Vantage portal

Humana - Recert.png

 First Time Certification

  • Getting certified with Humana for the ?  Did you let your certification lapse from past seasons? First time certification training will be available July 10th, 2018.   
Recertification & PDP Only
  • Are you recertifying with Humana for MAPD or PDP? You must recertify every year to represent products and collect commissions. Recertification and PDP Only certification will be available July 17th, 2018  

Access links to complete online certification below: 

External Field Certification -  https://huma.na/2MWPaI7
PPO Certification -
PDP Field Certification -
HMO-Only Certification -


Agent Portal Tutorials - once you are certified you will want to register for the Humana agent portal to access carrier tools and information

How to register for the Agent Portal 

How to use Secure Mail

How to set up Direct Deposit 

Licensing & Demographics - you must have an up to date license to be in compliance when marketing products. You can check your status via the agent portal

How to View Current License(s) via Humana Agent Portal

How to Change Agent Demographic Information

Agent License Add/Change Form  Note: Allow 7-10 business days for information to be processed. Agent must maintain documentation of the submission of information to Agency Management. 

Industry Topics

How do STAR ratings work?

STAR Ratings - Humana developed a sales sheet to provide more detail behind the purpose & characteristics of STAR Ratings, CLICK HERE.

Health Reform Education 

CMS Agent Certification Tutorial: CLICK HERE

Use this link to register for Humana's Virtual Library, providing access to Humana's archived Health Reform webinars, "Cracking the Code", parts 1, 2, and 3:


HIPAA / Compliance Training Supplements

We've partnered with Total HIPAA, a turn key solution for compliance, training, and testing packages, with a specific focus on HIPAA rules and regs. CLICK HERE!