Contracting - Molina Medicare

Interested in contracting with Molina Medicare?  Please use instructions below to contract for the following products:

  • Medicare

If you are already contracted but would like to re-align under Plan Advisors/BishopMarketing - please read the Release Policy at bottom of  the page


Thank you for your interest in contracting to represent Molina Medicare Health Plans through Plan Advisors/Bishop Marketing. Please complete the form below and you will be sent an invitation form the Molina contracting system

Plan Advisors - Onboarding Request Form


  • Make sure you have your E&O and banking information available as this information will be needed to complete contracting.
  • You will receive an “Invitation” email with a link to complete contracting online. Login using the information provided in the invitation email.  IMPORTANT – the domain name is Molinahealthcareinc.  If you want to contract as an agency and an agent – you will receive two separate links. The Agency contract will need to be completed first.
Mol Con 1
  • Once logged in, you will be asked to change your password
  • On the main page – click on the case that has been assigned to you
Mol Cont 2
  • Begin completing the requested information. You will see various tabs for different parts of the contract. If you missed a required field, you will see an “incomplete” notation in red.
  • You will be asked to sign electronically several times via docusign. IMPORTANT Note: Sign exactly as you have previously shown your name. Use capital letter for first name and last name. Use you middle initial if you showed it previously.
  • Review your information, complete the final electronic signature and SUBMIT
Mol COnt 3

Assistance: If agents experience any difficulty with submitting the contract please call Molina at 866-440-9788.

Again, thank you for your interest in representing Molina Medicare through the Plan Advisors Agency.

If you are already contracted with Molina Medicare and wish to realign under us, you may will need a release letter. See the "Release Policy" at the bottom of this page.

After your contract has been submitted and processed (usually with 7 days), you will receive an email letting you know it is time to certify.  Please certify within 10 days of receiving the email as the certification authorization in the system has a time limit.

 Once you clear background and certifications are complete, you will receive a “Welcome Letter”.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Again, thank you for your interest in representing Molina Medicare through the Plan Advisors Agency.


Release Policy

  • If you are already contracted with Molina Medicare and would like to align under Plan Advisors/Bishop Marketing, please obtain a release letter from your current upline FMO and return the Release letter and Molina Release Form to: 
  •  The release letter needs to be on the FMO letterhead and be signed by the principle or officer of the company.  It should state your name and the date of the release.   The release will be processed the following month.
  •  Agents must stay with an upline agency at least 6 months before any release will be considered
  •  If you are unable to obtain a release, submit the Molina Release Form requesting the new upline Agency.  This constructive release will take effect after a 6 month waiting period.  The waiting period is waived  if the agent was with the current agency at least 6 months but has no production.
  • There is a black out period between October 1st and December 15th.  Any release that would have been effective during this time period will be oved to January 1st.  Release requests can be submitted during this time but can NOT become effective during this time.