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Contracting - Centene/Allwell Medicare

Interested in contracting with Centene?  Please use instructions below to contract for the following products:

  • Medicare
If you are already contracted but would like to re-align under Plan Advisors/BishopMarketing - please read Release Policy at bottom of  the page


Thank you for your interest in contracting to represent Centene/Sunshine plans through the Plan Advisors Agency.  Please review the instructions below to begin the contracting process

  1. Agents will need to complete the AHIP certification and Centene-Allwell certification prior to beginning the contracting process. You will upload your certification certificates when completing the on-line contracting.

Allwell Certification Website

 Allwell Certification Guide


2. After certification is complete, click on the link below to begin the registration process for contracting:

  • Select your own User name and password
  • You will be sent an email to validate your registration

Link to contracting registration -  - Allwell-Centene Broker Contracting

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3.  Initial Login to the system – create a user name and password. Domain is hlth. Agent will be asked to confirm that everything is correct.


  • Select "My Profile"
  • Enter your SSN or TIN and then select "Individual" or "Business Entity"
  • Centene Contract2
  • Read Sections 1 thru 7

1. Definitions

2. Responsibilities of Sales Agents

3.  Payment

4.  Insurance & Indemnification

5.  Terms & Termination

6. Resolution of Disbutes

7. Miscellaneous - if assigning commission to your own agency, enter the agency name where it is requested

  •  IMPORTANT: In Section C – HIPAA Bus. Assoc. Agreement you must enter the appropriate Affiliation NPN.  Use 17235707.  This will align your contract under Plan Advisors. 
Centene Contract
  • Review the contract for accuracy - Submit. Once submitted, the agent will receive a pop-up that says that the contract was successfully submitted or that something needs to be corrected. If something needs to be correct, the agent can go back and fix what is needed, as the error message states which tab the agent will need to go back and complete.  
The appointment process will take approximately 10 business days.   

 Assistance: If agents experience any difficulty with submitting the contract or in accessing the AHIP site, please contact the Broker Services Unit at 844-202-6811 for immediate assistance. If agents or agents have questions about agent contracting status, please email medicare.brokercontracting@centene.com.

If you encounter any issues while completing contacting, please contact Allwell/Centene's broker support unit at 844-202-6811Again, thank you for your interest in representing Centene/Sunshine through the Plan Advisors Agency.


  Release Policy

  • If you are already contracted with Centene and would like to align under Plan Advisors/Bishop Marketing, you must have been contracted with Centene at least 6 months before the release will be approved.  No release will be processed between 9/1 and 12/31
  •  The Centene Release form must be completed and signed by current upline FMO principal.  Please send form to: falli@myplanadvisors.com
  • If current upline will not sign the form you can send a request to terminate your contract.  After a 30 day waiting period, you can re-contract under Plan Advisors.  No business can be written in the 30 day waiting period.