Contracting - Aetna/Coventry Medicare

Interested in contracting with Aetna/Coventry?  Please use instructions below to contract for the following products:

  • Medicare
If you are already contracted but would like to re-align under Plan Advisors/BishopMarketing - please read Release Policy at bottom of  the page


Thank you for your interest in contracting with Aetna/Coventry Health Care. Please see the instructions below to begin the Aetna/Coventry contracting process.


You will be receiving an invitation directly for the Aetna contracting system. The recruiter name will show K&L Marketing which is actually Plan Advisors. Click on the link to begin contracting.

Aetna 1

You will be asked if you already have access the Aetna Producer World. If you do not, you will be asked to register.

Aetna 2

After you are registered for Producer World, log in using your User Name and Password.  Your records will be pulled from the National Insurance Producer Registry.  You will be automatically appointed for any state you are licensed in when the first enrollment is submitted.  No need to send in any licenses. You will also update your W9.

Aetna 3

Now you will work your way through each contracting tab. Fill in all the mandatory fields as requested. The tab will show “incomplete” if information is missing. Note the final “Transfer” tab – this is where you will upload your Aetna transfer form if you are moving from a different upline agency. This is NOT required if you are contracting with Aetna for the first time.

Aetna 4

If you are already contracted you will need to complete the Aetna Transfer Release form. If your current upline signs it, you will be realigned immediately when you upload the form. If the form is not signed by your upline, upload the from with just your signature and you will be realigned after a 90 day waiting period. No realignments can be made between 10/1 and 12/31.

After all tabs have been completed, submit the contract for processing. You will receive a confirmation of submission. You can immediately begin Aetna certification by using the link below. IMPORTANT - Your contract will finish NOT processing until certification is complete. 

Aetna Certification

You will receive an email from Aetna with your writing number when you are “Ready to Sell”. If you have any questions throughout this process, please let us know. You can also call the Broker Services line at 800-225-3375.

We appreciate your partnership with us! 


Release Policy

  • There is a blackout period between October 1st and December 31st.  No hierarchy changes will take place during this time.
  • If you are currently contracted for at least three (3) months but have no production you may submit a new contract.  Please follow instruction above for new contracting
  • If you are contracted less than three (3) months or have had production in the last three (3) months, you will complete the Aetna Transfer Release form.  Submit the form to
  • If your upline will not sign the Transfer form, sign and submit the Transfer form and a note indicating your intent to move to the new hierarchy with the new contracting.  You will be transferred after 3 months.  You will need to stay with your new upline for at least 12 months.