Contracting with SilverScript


Thank you for your interest in contracting to represent SilverScript through the Plan Advisors/Bishop Marketing Agency. We have a partnership with Ritter Insurance Marketing in conjunction with all our SilverScript business.  Please use the links below to complete the forms carefully to ensure contracting goes smoothly.  Please make sure you write legibly so that your contract can be set up accurately. When you return the contract document, also include a copy of your:

    • Insurance license
    • Voided check 

SilverScript – Plan Advisors Agent contract


  1. Please fill in and sign where appropriate on pages 2, 8, 11, 12, 17 ,24, 25, 26, 32 and 38 on the SilverScript Agent contract. 
  1. Be sure to complete page 12 in its entirety including insurance license numbers. 
  1. Complete the EFT form and W9. Please be aware that SilverScript does not pay commissions to agents directly.  They pay commission to the Ritter and they will disburse agent commissions to you monthly as soon as it is disbursed to us from SilverScript.  Be sure to include a voided check. 
  2. If you want commissions paid to your agency, complete the W9 as the Agency.  Also include a copy of your agency insurance license when you return the documents. 
  1. Return only the pages that required your input – not all the pages, Include a copy of your Insurance License and voided check.


Contracting will typically take 7-10 business days to process. If you have questions regarding contract completion, please call 352-978-3899.  You will receive an email directly from SilverScript with a Username and temporary password to access certification.  You cannot represent or enroll members until certification is complete.

 Again, thank you for your interest in representing SilverScript through the Bishop Marketing/Plan Advisors Agency.


Release Policy

  • If you are already contracted with SilverScript and would like to align under Plan Advisors/Bishop Marketing, please send your request to be aligned with Plan Advisors to: 
  •  You will be sent new contracting paperwork to complete so you can be re-aligned.  Your existing business will remain under the original hierarchy.