Anthem.pngContracting - Anthem/Amerigroup

Interested in contracting with Anthem/Amerigroup?  Please use instructions below to contract for the following products:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Supplement

If you are already contracted but would like to re-align under Plan Advisors/BishopMarketing - please read Release Policy at bottom of  the page


Thank you for your interest in contracting with Anthem. Please see the instructions below to begin the Anthem/Amerigroup/BCBS contracting process.

Please use the link below to begin the contracting process. This link is specific to Plan Advisors and will align you under our hierarchy. There is also a link to the contracting guide for more detailed instructions.

Anthem/Amerigroup – contracting through Plan Advisors

Anthem Agent Contracting Guide

1. If it is your first time using No More Forms (NMF) you will need to register. Otherwise you will login using your existing password. You can use the “forgot password” link in NMF to reset your password. IMPORTANT – the package code will be prefilled – do NOT change it. This code will align you under Plan Advisors.


2. Select the States you wish to be appointed in. Also select where your agent commission should be paid to. NOTE: If you are having commissions paid to an agency, the agency must be contracted first.

3. You will be asked for your resident state to see if any appointment fees need to be collected. You may skip this page and move to the next screen. We appreciate your partnership and will pay any appointment fees for your new contract on your behalf.


4. The list of forms that need to be completed will populate. Open each form and complete the required fields. Select “next” to move from page to page. Move through each form until they show a “Complete” status. If any form shows “Incomplete” reopen it to complete it. IMPORTANT - If you have forms to upload, select the upload link once all forms are complete.


5. When all forms are “complete” and your forms have been uploaded, it is time to do the final submission. Select the “Submit forms” button, type in your password and then select “submit forms” again. You will receive a confirmation number when complete.

This completes the appointment process. You may now begin the certification process using the link below. You can complete the certification while your contract is being processed. After the contract is processed and certification has been completed successfully, you will receive an Anthem “Welcome” letter with agent number.

Anthem Certification

If you need assistance during the contracting process, please contact:


Again, thank you for interest in representing Anthem through Plan Advisors/Bishop Marketing.


Release Policy

  • If you are already contracted with Anthem and would like to align under Plan Advisors/Bishop Marketing, secure a Release letter from your current upline
  •  The Release letter should be on the Agency's letterhead, state the date of the release and be signed by the principle.  The Release letter should be uploaded during the contract process and emailed to  
  • If a release letter is not received, the agent must have proof that a release was requested to the upline.  Save the email request to the upline, after 6 months from the original request, the email can be uploaded during contracting .  Anthem will process the new contract after validating the request.