Certification  - Health First


Certification for 2019 Health First product will

be available June 30, 2018


REMEMBER - all agents must be certified to represent products and collect new or renewal commissions

In order to market Medicare Advantage products, CMS requires that agents be certified annually. The 2019 Health First requirements are listed below:

Your Medicare-required forms can be submitted electronically from the Health First Broker Learning System, found on the Broker Portal. Completion of the following steps are required prior to the start of the Annual Enrollment Period.

  1. Log into either Broker Portal:      HFHP Portal               FHCA Portal
  2. Hover over the Medicare Sales tab, Click Medicare Required Documentation
  3. Click to access the Broker Learning System
  4. Log into the Broker Learning System using your National Producer Number (NPN) as both your User Name and Password
  5. Click Medicare Required Documentation Course. Items to complete will be:
  • FDR Attestation
  • Health First Medicare Advantage Agent Agreement
  • Medicare Overview/Medicare Product & Sales (PowerPoint)
  • Certification Test (must pass with an 85% or better)
  • America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Certification

6. Complete the course in its entirety and print Certificate of Completion

7. Upload 2019 Certification of Completion and 2019 AHIP Certificate using Update Your Profile within the Broker Portal.        

  1. Broker Services will email a confirmation of receipt   

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your 2019 Certificate of Completion and 2019 AHIP Certificate MUST be uploaded using Update Your Profile within the Broker Portal. Look for the confirmation email from Broker Services verifying receipt. This will be your final step before selling.   Marketing Health First Health Plans and/or Florida Hospital Care Advantage Medicare products is prohibited until all steps are complete.   Any questions, please contact Broker Services at HFbroker@health-first.org.   Looking forward to a prosperous 2019.


 When you have completed certification, you may want to take the time to review: