Certificaton - Blue Cross/Blue Shield (IL, MT, NM, OK, TX)


Certification for 2020 Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare products will be available

 July 8, 2019.

Please review the BCBS Certification Guide prior to beginning certification

You can access both the AHIP and BCBS Product certification modules through the link below:

                           BCBS AHIP Certification   ( to complete AHIP- click here)        

                                     BCBS Product Certification  (AHIP complete - need click here)

When logging in, you will need:

  • User ID:National Producer Number without the leading zeros
  • Password: Previously created password
  • Employee ID: move to profile page and enter 10 digit National Producer Number with leading zeros as Employee ID
  • New Users: Create an account. Enter your 10 digit NPN and create your profile to proceed to curriculum assignment

REMEMBER - all agents must be certified to represent products and collect new or renewal commissions.


MA/MAPD/PDP Certification Components


You will need to take the  AHIP courses first before taking the BCBS product specific certification. You can take the AHIP certification beginning on June 18th using the first link above ("BCBS Certification") at a discounted rate of $125 vs. $175 or you can take it directly through the AHIP site or through another carrier.  The BCBS product portion of certification will launch on July 8th.   If you have already completed AHIP through a different source, use the first link above to transfer your AHIP certification.  Then continue to complete the BCBS product portion of certification.

Part 1: The AHIP platform will be used for the following courses/exams/forms.

  • Medicare Basics
  • Medicare Marketing Rules and Regulations
  • Final Exam
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse/General Compliance Attestation (FWA) Training
  • FWA Exam

Log on for AHIP:

User ID: 10-digit National Producer Number (NPN). Add zeroes in front to create a 10-digit number.                                                                                              

Example: 0000123456

 Password: Producer creates during registration

You will three (3) attempts to pass AHIP with a score of 90%.  If you do not pass in three attempts, you can purchase another session

BCBS/HCSC Product Certification 

All producers who want to sell or market HCSC MAPD/PDP plans will now access ALL certification training through the AHIP/CMP platform. Producers will need to complete the following courses and exams

Part 2: The HCSC/CMP page on the AHIP platform will be used for the following courses/exams/forms.

  • Sales Agent Requirements course
  • MAPD/PDP Product course and exam
  • Producer or Agency Certification Form
  • Producer or Agency Amendment (this doesn’t apply to Sub Agents)

You will have three (3) attempts to pass the BCBS product specific certification with a passing score of 85%.  If you do not pass, you will need to wait until next AEP to certify.

IMPORTANT:  If you need to certify for current year BCBS products after June 16th, you need to make a special request to have 2018 courses made available.  2019 courses DO NOT make you eligible to represent 2018 plans.  Send your request bcmrxcertification@hcsc.net


   Producer Assistance with Certification - call

888-706-0583 for technical assistance

855-782-4272 for certification questions