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Certification - Centene/Allwell Medicare


Certification for 2020 Centene/Alwell Medicare products will

be available July 9, 2019


 REMEMBER - all agents must be certified to represent products and collect new or renewal commisions.

 Centene/Alwell will accept your certification if you have taken the AHIP certification course through another plan sponsor, however if you take the training through our Co-branded AHIP site you may take advantage of our offered discount.

Completing your 2020 AHIP Certification Training through the Allwell/Ascension Complete Training Site (https://allwell.cmpsystem.com) will provide you with a couple of unique opportunities:

  • Access to a DISCOUNTED RATE of $125 (instead of $175 full price)
  • Qualify for FULL REIMBURSEMENT of 2020 AHIP Certification Training fees paid after meeting a few key requirements
    • Qualifying sales must remain active with the plan through 3/31/2020
    • Reimbursement payout will occur in April 2020
    • Must be certified and contracted to sell 2020 Allwell/Ascension Complete MA plans
    • Must have a minimum of 5 new sales with an 1/1/2020 effective date
    • Complete 2020 AHIP Training through the Allwell/Ascension Complete

Step 1: You will have 3 attempts to pass the AHIP and FWA compliance exams with a score of 90% or better. If you have taken the AHIP through another site, you can transfer the transcript to Centene/Allwell.


Step 2: Complete required trainings access the site below:

Centene/Allwell Certification

 National Product Trainings including the Centene Medicare Advantage Training and review of the states you will be representing.General Sales Compliance Training.   Once you complete this training, print the PDF of your Training Certificate of Completion and retain for your records.

 Local plan orientation meetings may be scheduled in your area to enhance your product training.  Please look for future emails on dates, times & locations for these orientations.  We strongly encourage you attend these sessions to get detailed information on:

  •  Network overview
  • Sales Support
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sneak peek into the Ascend enrollment tool and Value Based Enrollment programs.

 Step 3: Complete the Training Attestation

A confirmation email will be sent by the Medicare Broker Contracting Department in 5 to 7 business days advising that all required training has been completed.

  Producer Assistance with certification:

  •  call 844-202-6811
  • Email:   medicarebrokerservices@centene.com