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Special Election for Medicare Advantage Clients on the Move

Posted by Lance Hoeltke on Mon, Nov 17, 2014 @ 11:24 PM
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How well do you know your election periods? Change of Residence

Posted by Lance Hoeltke on Tue, Jul 10, 2012 @ 09:14 AM
I read recently where Dallas, TX is growing so fast it adds one new resident every four minutes! I’m sure a good percentage of those are Medicare eligible, or soon to be. The California’s, Arizona’s, and Florida’s have been aware of this phenomena for many years now, but the relocation and growth of retirement-age citizens is not limited to these markets. Vegas, Boise, Provo, and Colorado Springs are experiencing rapidly growing retiree populations. Albuquerque, NM and Madison, WI also make the top 20.

Many older Americans are heading to markets where their families are located, to be closer to grandchildren, and residing more in suburban communities than ever before. Any permanent move to a new service area generates an SEP for the Medicare beneficiary. If the client is wanting to enroll in a new plan prior to the move, they can complete their enrollment up to one month prior to moving, and designate an effective date up to three months from enrollment. However, the effective date cannot occur until after they have officially relocated to the new service area. If notification occurs before the move, then the SEP runs the month before, plus two months after the move. If notification is made after the move, the member then has two months from notification to make an election. If the member waits until their plan terms them, they then have two months from the plan term to make an election.
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