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The “Get Paid Faster” Series: Practical Solutions for MAPD Distribution: Electronic Enrollment

Posted by Lance Hoeltke on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 09:29 AM

Medicare enrollmentGo to electronic enrollment. Using an electronic enrollment method like a digital signature (DSig), telephonic signature (TSig), or electronic signature (ESig) will cut your risk of a hiccup in commission payment execution by more than 75%!

Reason being that with electronic enrollment, key data fields must be populated according to
certain rules and completeness before you can successfully submit, eliminating the risk of legibility or receipt/tracking issues. One mistake or missing piece of information on a paper app will cause it to pend, delaying membership, commission payment, and creating additional service requirements. 

Electronic enrollment also expedites the cycle time of processing the MAPD or PDP enrollment, which accelerates the payment process, since submitted sales can be placed on the current week’s pay cycle in most instances.

Special Note** Until this year, agents contracted with Humana have only been permitted to use t-sig and e-sig, which in all fairness have not always been the most desirable of methods for writing agents. This year, Humana will be offering the chance to use the digital signature option on a variety of preferred technologies! 

More to come on this. Look for our series on new enrollment technologies this summer.

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