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Larry affirms his Medicare Health plan selection two months later

Posted by Larry Bishop on Tue, Jun 18, 2013 @ 02:59 PM
Thirty three years ago when I started selling Medicare Supplement plans, in the back of my mind I knew someday I would be on Medicare myself.  What I did not know was the range of choices that would be available to me beyond traditional Medicare Supplement plans.
As I have indicated in the past my wife and I went onto Part A and enrolled in Part B of Medicare this year.  I started on May 1st and my wife February 1st.   Just some background, the past eight years I have had a high deductible plan with Life Wise of Washington state.  We had a $6000 family deductible plan and was paying about $700 per month the last year we had the plan.  I had also enrolled in an HSA eight years ago as well so today the balance of my HSA account is over $50,000.  As most of you know this fund can be used for co-pays for doctors visits as well as prescription drugs.  
My wife and I both chose the $0 premium MA only PFFS plan available in Washington state. (My wife does take some prescription drugs so I enrolled her in Humana's WalMart standalone PDP, as I do not take any drugs, I chose not to enroll in a PDP.)  This is a Medicare look alike plan meaning I am responsible for the Part A hospital deductible and 20% of the Part B outpatient expenses, however, there is no Part B deductible, I pay 20% from the first dollar of charges.
I have used this plan three times so far, twice at the ophthalmologists and once at the dermatologists.  I could not be happier with how the plan works.  First of all,   I am not paying for my healthcare in advance in the form of a premium.  Not for a high deductible plan like I did before going onto Medicare or for a traditional Medicare supplement.  I am only paying for 20% of the Medicare approved charge and that is a lot less the than the $8400 in premium I paid for Pat and I last year.  If I had chosen a traditional Plan F my premium would have been around $200 per month for me and $200 for Pat or about $4800 per year.  
I have my annual physical scheduled for the fist week of August with the doctor I have had the past several years.  In past her office accepted Life Wise.  Before going onto Medicare I called my doctors office to explain I was planning on enrolling in Humana's MA only PFFS plan.  The office manager explained they did not officially accept Humana but as I was currently a patient, the office would accept Humana's terms and conditions and bill them directly so I could continue to keep my current doctor.
So far I could not be happier with the choices I have made.  I now go to the downtown YMCA using Silver Sneakers and no longer pay $55 per month to OZ fitness.  The best part is on October 15th I can look at all the options available for 2014 and make a new choice if I find a better option with no pre-existing conditions or waiting periods.  The new choices today really are a win win situation for Medicare beneficiaries like me. 
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Officially a Humana MAPD Member

Posted by Larry Bishop on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 08:34 AM

You have been kind enough to receive emails from me for the last seven years about Humana's Medicare Advantage plans. Today I would like to share my personal experience from yesterday with enrolling into a Humana plan.

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After 33 Years in the Business, it's My Turn!

Posted by Larry Bishop on Wed, Feb 13, 2013 @ 07:57 AM

Many of you may know that this year will be a milestone birthday for me. I turn 65 in May! In the past I never associated Medicare benefits with my own personal circumstances, but now it’s become something I think about frequently. I’d like to share some of the experiences I’ve had recently, and hope you find it insightful as you grow your business and interact with folks like me for years to come.

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Getting to know Bishop Marketing Agency—Lance’s story

Posted by Larry Bishop on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 @ 09:31 AM
Lance has spent his entire career in the health care industry, with humble beginnings as a Medicare Sales Intern for Humana in 1999. After completion of the program he immediately began as a sales agent, marketing Humana’s Medicare HMO products in Tampa, FL and earning a President’s Club award in his first year.

After moving on to pursue an MBA at the University of South FL, and acting as a  business development manager for Morton Plant Hospital, Lance returned to Humana as a sales director for the Kansas City market. Over the next five years, he would become responsible for 14 midwestern states as a Regional Vice President, and ultimately accepted a Vice President role, with national responsibility for all outside sales channels. This included all contracted agents and agencies, strategic alliances, and group Medicare. Most recently he assisted with a start up, helping to build distribution for a new FDA approved medical device for pain relief.

Lance’s role with Bishop Marketing Agency began as a Marketing Director, creating innovative ways to  fulfill our mission of helping agents, agencies, and call centers optimize their  Medicare health plan distribution, specializing in the Humana family of products.  After 3 years in this role, he became Larry's successor and currently serves in the role of president.   

Lance is married to Kisa and has two children, Maya (18) and Milton (15). In his spare time he coaches high school football in Louisville KY.
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