Becoming an MGA with Humana

Bishop Marketing Agency has a long standing history of assisting "up and coming" agencies with obtaining an MGA contract. Once appointed with Humana, we will continue to add value through collaborative strategies to help you grow. Examples include:

  • Walmart staffing opportunities for your agents during AEP
  • Access to cutting edge information on new and/or expansion initiatives by market
  • Educational resources made available for use with YOUR agents
  • Access to innovative strategies for sales growth, lead generation, and technology advancements

To be considered for an MGA contract, please consult the following requirements before making your request:

  • You must have at least 10 contracted agents to be considered

Be prepared to demonstrate how you will:

  • manage demographic, compliance, and production data on your agents
  • oversee the activities of your agents periodically in the field via in home appts, seminar evaluations, etc.
  • communicate timely and effectively with agents, reinforcing policy updates, compliance alerts, and other communications
  • aid in the collection of agent responses when necessary
  • coordinate contracting, licensing, appointing efforts between agents and Humana
  • ensure all agents are properly licensed, appointed, and certified to sell MA and/or PDP products throughout the year
  • assist in the coordination of certification classes
  • assist agents with navigating Humana’s agent portal
  • ensure only approved co-branded marketing and sales materials are used by agent

Once we nominate you, an interview process and site visit will follow, with consideration of all the items mentioned above. If you'd like to discuss further, please make your request in the box that follows:

Learn more about becoming an MGA with Humana