About Bishop Marketing Agency

Bishop Marketing Agency specializes in the Medicare health plan business, with a unique partnership with Humana.  Our mission is to be the most reliable source of content, insights, and support for our Medicare health plan distribution partners.

We are not generalists, but instead have chosen to specialize in Medicare health plans, and more specifically with the Humana product portfolio.  Our value proposition ensures that the agent and agency will be more productive, better protected, and always in the know.  Benefits include more enrollments and less compliance risk.  

Larry Bishop, Founder

Larry BishopFor over 30 years, Larry brought a wealth of experience and thought leadership to the Medicare health plan space.  He could best be described by borrowing a quote from author Jim Collins:  “Someone who blends genuine personal humility with intense professional will.”  Larry drew his approach to the industry from a value system instilled in him while growing up in the heartland of Wichita, KS.  

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Lance Hoeltke, President

Lance Hoeltke Marketing Director Medicare Enrollment AdvisorsLance has spent his entire career in the health care industry, with humble beginnings as a Medicare Sales Intern for Humana in 1999.  After completion of the program he immediately began as a sales agent, marketing Humana’s Medicare HMO products in Tampa, FL and earning a President’s Club award in his first year.

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